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Tablets enter the classroom, and teaching is playing big data

On September 19, it was reported that a high school in Zhejiang Province launched a school-level tablet teaching open class activity. The teachers carefully observed and discussed how to use tablet learning machine teaching to create a more intelligent and lively classroom.

Tablet teaching creates a "student-oriented" classroom model

In the open math class of the same day, a random test required by Ms. Wu Rong to be completed within the time limit, the correct rate and the distribution of wrong options will be immediately transmitted to the teacher's tablet computer, and the data will be clear at a glance. Therefore, the teacher can quickly understand the students' grasp of this knowledge point, so as to solve the students' difficult points in a targeted and hierarchical way.

Chen Saisai, a new math teacher this year, said: "In the past, students' homework can only be checked and corrected by collecting homework books and test papers. Now the tablet computer learning machine can convert students' preview and homework completion into accurate data and send it to us. It is very clear." In addition, the tablet computer learning machine can automatically generate a problem bank for students according to their problem making, to help students find and fill in gaps.

Tablet learning machine teaching allows students to express their views and demands in a timely manner. When Mr. Zhang Chenxu was in the class of sick sentence analysis, the students could share their own sentence making of the sick sentence type of "easy to make mistakes in the middle" in the discussion area with their hands. At that moment, one vivid answer leaped onto the screen. Students can not only learn the interesting sentences of other groups, but also recognize their own problems.

Interaction between teachers and students promotes the transformation and development of "independent learning"

The realization of the flat teaching mode of the whole subject and the whole classroom in Zhongtian High School is not only to meet the needs of the new curriculum reform, but also to improve the classroom efficiency, aim at the innovative exploration of the classroom, and achieve the goal of normalization. In class, teachers can authorize students to give lectures on the tablet; During the exchange and discussion, the teacher can open the discussion area for students to share their views; After class, students can communicate with teachers remotely on the tablet, and teachers can answer students' questions in time even if they are not in the classroom.

Several freshmen in senior high school said that they liked the question and answer function on the tablet learning machine. You can leave a message to the teacher for questions you don't understand, and the teacher will give detailed answers on the teacher's tablet. In the past, I was too timid to ask the teacher questions. Now I can ask the questions that I dare not ask in person on the tablet learning machine.

The tablet computer learning machine teaching is the combination of innovation and tradition. To create a new quality education, it is particularly important to change the teaching method. Zhongtian High School has made great efforts to build an efficient and high-level tablet teaching feature. Teachers get students' learning information from tablet learning machines and make teaching diagnosis based on it more and more sophisticated, and the interaction between teachers and students is also more and more diverse. Teaching based on data and evidence has become an inevitable trend. This small screen actually opens the door to a new era.