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Catch up with iPad Pro! Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series tablet computer comes out

Tablet factory news: Samsung has launched a new flagship tablet computer Galaxy Tab S7. It is reported that the Galaxy Tab S7 series tablet computer will have two products - S7/S7+, the former with a screen size of 11 inches and the latter with a size of 12.4 inches.

Now the GeekBench 4 of Galaxy Tab S7+is exposed separately, further exposing the configuration specifications of S7+.

 The Galaxy Tab S7+tablet computer scored 4277 points for a single core and 13286 points for a multi-core, which is not far from the conventional score of the Snapdragon 865. The CPU model is shown as Qualcomm. In addition, considering the 5G version of the S7 series tablet computer, the CPU of the S7+should undoubtedly be the Snapdragon 865.

 Other specifications include 6GB memory and Android 10 system. It was also reported that the S7+tablet will carry 9800mAh battery, while the S7 will carry 7760mAh battery. In terms of appearance, the S7 series tablet computer adopts the ultra-narrow frame quadrilateral design similar to the iPad Pro, and the back is made of metal material. The rear dual camera supports SPen.

  It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet will be released after July, and may also appear at the Note 20 conference on August 5. Let's wait and see.