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It can be transformed into a 10-inch tablet computer. TCL's three-fold "Big Mac" hand

Nowadays, the functions of smart phone tablets can be said to be very powerful, and the performance is relatively excellent. In addition, smart phone tablets have made a very powerful breakthrough in a short time. In addition, in order to attract a lot of consumers, major manufacturers have put a lot of emphasis on mobile tablets, for example, in terms of appearance.

For example, a mobile tablet with a folding screen has appeared in MWC before. It can be said that after its release, many users expressed great surprise. Then Samsung and Huawei Mobile Tablets also successively released a fold-screen mobile tablet. But today, Zhirou told you that TCL also launched a fold-screen mobile tablet, which is also a three-fold screen model

TCL's three-fold screen mobile tablet can be said to be very amazing, and according to October 24, foreign media also showed this three-fold screen mobile tablet. From the current stage of the prototype of the mobile tablet, the performance of the mobile tablet is actually very satisfactory. In addition, there is no exact information about the price and sales time. In fact, the original design concept of Zhou Liping's mobile tablet computer is mainly to make users more prominent in visual effects, and also to maximize the business effect

According to the display of foreign media, TCL's mobile tablet is a highly innovative three-fold screen mobile tablet, so it has these two spindles and even integrates the three screens, just like a typical 10-inch tablet. Such bold innovation can be said to be unprecedented. In addition, on the original model, we can see that this mobile phone tablet also has a rear four-camera camera, and also has a front-facing camera. In fact, it is also extraordinary in the ability to take photos. But although this mobile tablet has great innovation, it is much thicker and heavier on the overall body.