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What is the difference between the tablet WIFI version and the all-netcom version?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of flat-panel all-netcom and wifi? The wifi version of the tablet has no mobile phone card slot and cannot be inserted. It can only use wireless wifi or other ways to share mobile data online. The tablet of China Netcom has a card slot to insert mobile phone card (upper network card), and can use mobile phone card of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom to access the Internet, and can also use WiFi to access the Internet. Some all-netcom tablets can also use mobile phone cards to call and text messages, which are the same as mobile phone functions, but the price of the all-netcom version of the tablet is more expensive than the wifi version.

Because the use scenarios of tablets and mobile phones are different, the main task of mobile phones is to communicate, and they must have the functions of making phone calls and using traffic to access the Internet. In many cases, the tablet is used in a fixed place at home or office. These environments basically have WiFi. The main purpose of the tablet is also to surf the Internet, watch videos, and play games, rather than make phone calls, so there is no need to use the function of traffic internet access.