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In the era of tablet customization, the new era of tablet computing is coming

In the era of tablet customization, analysis of several major factors for the arrival of a new era of tablet computers

1、 The arrival of tablet customized 5G network

The tablet computer was born in the era of 3G network. At that time, the wireless network communication efficiency was extremely low. The tablet computer communication basically depended on WiFi network. Now 4G network is popular, and 5G has also become the fastest wireless communication in the history of the network. The high-speed rate and low latency it brings even exceed WiFi. As at present, tablet computers supporting 5G networks are no longer limited to WIFI communication, but are more free and diverse.


2、 The maturity of tablet customized cloud computing

At the beginning of the tablet computer, cloud computing was just a concept. Today, cloud computing has been realized and applied flexibly. More and more enterprises have begun to optimize their office methods through cloud computing, which has promoted cloud storage, cloud games, cloud office, and even the emergence of cloud live TV programs during the epidemic. In such rich use scenarios, the application of tablet computers will be more abundant, and its advantages of large screen will be better played out.

3、 Development of tablet computer custom chip technology

The evolution speed of tablet chip has already surpassed that of notebook computer, and it is superior to notebook computer chip in terms of technology, frequency and power consumption. 4K video processing, 3D design and other applications that can only be run on notebooks can be used on tablet customization with the help of chip technology, and the smoothness is more than that of some notebooks.

4、 Perfection of tablet customization hardware ecosystem

With the development of technology, various extended peripherals customized for tablet computers have gradually matured, and their richness has exceeded that of notebook computers, which has already broken the limit of traditional touch control, and tablet computer customization provides more and more practical interaction methods. Tablets are expected to become the next generation of productivity tools.

5、 Abundance of tablet customization software ecosystem

At the beginning of the birth of tablet computers, there were only 100000 applications on tablet computers, and most of them were simple migrations of mobile applications. At present, tablet customized applications have reached 500W. A large number of applications have been specially adapted to the characteristics of tablets. Many professional tools have also been migrated from computers to tablets. Tablets have become the only terminal that can integrate the original mobile applications and computer applications.

Based on the completion of the five major infrastructures, the new era of tablet customization will surely come! The arrival of the epidemic is just a catalyst for the accelerated application of tablet customization in all walks of life. It is not a flash in the pan, but will eventually blossom.